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Explaining the Root Canal Process

September 24, 2021
Posted By: Michael J Franquemont, DDS Staff
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Many are confused about the root canal process. It is not painful as many believe or particularly complex. A root canal in Centennial, CO is a simple procedure that eliminates pain and often saves a damaged tooth from loss or extraction.

Why You Might Need a Root Canal

Every situation is different, but the first sign is often a toothache if you need a root canal. The toothache can start as sensitivity to hot and cold, but it will often escalate quickly to excruciating pain.

In some cases, your dentist spots the emerging infection during your checkup before it causes much pain.

A root canal means you have an infection deep in the canal of your tooth. It may be caused by untreated decay or tooth trauma.

In any case, the root canal eliminates the pain and saves your tooth.

The Root Canal Process

The first step is a diagnosis. Often patients come in with a dental emergency—a severe toothache. Our team works to eliminate the pain fast, and our dentist makes the diagnosis.

We then numb the area thoroughly, and our dentist extracts the infected tissue from your tooth. We then seal the area with a healing agent and temporary filling. At your next visit, we provide a dental filling or a tooth crown to support the tooth.

Typically, we recommend a crown if the tooth is weak following infection. The crown looks like your other teeth, but it supports the treated tooth, allowing you to chew without concern for pain or breakage.

Lowering Your Risks

Regular dental visits and a diligent at-home routine are your best defense against cavities, root infections, and gum disease.

Talk to a member of our team about best practices for you.

Contact Your Centennial, CO Dentist

If you notice tooth sensitivity, a blister on the gum, or if you have a toothache, reach out to our team to schedule an emergency dental appointment in Centennial.  

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