Root Canal Treatment in Centennial, CO

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It is common to react with dread when hearing the phrase “root canal” because of the persistent myth that it’s a difficult or painful procedure. The reality is that with the expertise of an experienced dentist like Dr. Michael J. Franquemont, the process isn’t much more complex than placing a filling in your tooth.

And when you combine our dentist's skill with powerful anesthetics, relaxing dental sedation, and state-of-the-art technology, you can be confident that your procedure will go smoothly and comfortably.

Symptoms of an Infected Root Canal

There are several reasons why bacteria can enter the innermost portion of your tooth and cause a painful infection. Commonly it’s the result of a deep cavity, but an infection can also develop because of a crack in the tooth, dental trauma, or a cracked filling,

The most common and obvious symptom of a root infection is intense pain, and a root canal is the only procedure that will relieve it and save the tooth from extraction.

In addition to severe tooth pain, other symptoms to look for are:

  • Puffy, inflamed, or swollen gums
  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • A raised bump on your gums
  • Sensitivity to touch and extreme temperatures
  • A bad taste or odor in your mouth

However, a tooth infection may also be asymptomatic and can only be detected by your dentist. This is another reason why it's crucial to stay current with your six-month checkups at our Centennial dental office.

Your Stress-Free Root Canal

Man smiling at Centennial Dentist OfficeDespite what you’ve heard or may have even experienced in the past, modern root canals are nothing to fear. In addition to Dr. Mike’s experience, he stays current with the latest techniques and technology to ensure his patients’ comfort and ensure a positive long-term outcome.

We use powerful anesthetics to numb the tooth that we will be treating to be sure you don’t feel anything during the procedure. Because your complete comfort is our priority, we are pleased to offer gentle relaxation with nitrous oxide or "laughing gas." You will remain comfortable throughout your appointment but will be alert enough afterward to drive yourself home safely.

Next, our dentist accesses the infected root canal by making a small opening in the tooth and uses state-of-the-art rotary endodontic technology to remove the infected material.

Before he seals the tooth, Dr. Mike disinfects the area and uses a material called gutta-percha to fill the empty chamber. The final step is to place a temporary filling on the tooth and allow it to heal.

Your Root Canal and Crown in One Appointment

Often, a root-canaled tooth requires the support and protection of a dental crown. Using CEREC technology, we can perform your root canal and place a beautiful, customized dental crown on the tooth in a single appointment.

With CEREC, the entire process of making a crown—from taking impressions to fabricating the final restoration—takes place here at our Centennial dental office. You won’t have to deal with a temporary filling, and you can leave us the same day with a fully restored, functional tooth.

Do You Think You Need a Root Canal near Greenwood Village?

If you have severe tooth pain or any of the other symptoms noted above, call the dental office of Dr. Michael Franquemont, and we will arrange to see you as soon as possible. Please don’t put off making the call.