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Everyone grinds their teeth occasionally when they experience stress or concentrate intently on a particular task or problem. This is not usually a concern, but if your teeth grinding is causing headaches or jaw pain, it is a problem your Centennial dentist needs to address.

One of the reasons Dr. Michael J. Franquemont chose dentistry as a profession is that he suffered from TMJ problems in high school. The treatment he received helped him tremendously, and he became passionate about helping others who deal with the painful symptoms. Today, he is pleased to offer TMJ and bruxism treatment for his patients in Centennial, who desperately need a solution. 

What Causes TMJ Pain and Teeth Grinding?

Referred to as bruxism, teeth grinding to the point of pain is usually an indication that your jaw joint (TMJ) isn’t functioning correctly. Bruxism may be the of a bad dental bite (malocclusion), or it can be related to tooth loss and broken or worn teeth. You may clench and grind your teeth only during sleep, while others do so all day long.

TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint, the joint that controls the movement of your lower jaw. When there’s a problem with the way the TMJ functions, we refer to it as TMD or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

If TMJ pain and teeth grinding have taken over your life, a simple customized oral appliance may be all you need to relieve your pain and prevent further damage to your teeth.

What Are the Symptoms of TMD and Teeth Grinding?

There are numerous symptoms you can experience that may indicate that you’re grinding your teeth or have a problem with your jaw joint: 

  • Popping or clicking noises in the jaw
  • Pain in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint)
  • Morning headaches and migraines
  • Difficulty when opening or closing your jaw
  • Excessive dental wear and cracked or broken teeth
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the years 

How Do You Treat TMJ and Bruxism?

Dentist holding mouthguard | Centennial DentistThe first step in seeking relief from TMJ pain and teeth grinding is an appointment with Dr. Franquemont at our Centennial dental office. He will talk to you about your symptoms, evaluate your jaw and the movement of your TMJ, and take digital x-rays. 

The goal when treating teeth grinding and TMJ problems is to minimize the impact they have on your everyday life. This means relieving your discomfort, improving jaw joint function, and minimizing the daily impact that TMD has on your life. 

Since many patients grind their teeth during sleep, they may not realize they’re doing it. It only becomes apparent when their dentist sees the evidence in the form of broken or worn teeth.

In this case, Dr. Mike can create a customized nightguard that you wear while you sleep. Because the guard prevents your upper and lower teeth from making contact, it minimizes stress on the TMJ and also helps protect your teeth from damage.

If, after his evaluation, he finds that your pain is related to dental problems, our TMJ dentist in Centennial may recommend that we:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Build up broken or worn-down teeth 
  • Use crowns to adjust your dental bite

Call Us for TMJ Pain Relief in Centennial, CO

Dr. Michael Franquemont is an experienced dentist who has lived with the pain of bruxism and TMJ problems. He knows this is a destructive habit that not only takes a toll on your comfort but also leads to excessive dental wear and cracked or broken teeth. 

Please call us at (303) 795-0066, so we can schedule an appointment and provide the help and relief you need.