Michael Franquemont, DDS
Dr. Michael Franquemont

How often do you get dental cleanings?

Are you wondering how often you should visit your dentist in Centennial, CO? For most patients, having a routine dental check-up every six months is sufficient.

The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist twice a year for preventive dentistry and teeth cleanings. However, some patients need to visit their dentist more often, depending on their overall oral health, lifestyle choices, and genetics. 

Personalized Dental Care

While the average person only needs six-month dental cleanings, patients who are more prone to cavities or those living with gum disease will benefit from having three, four, or even more dental cleanings per year. Your Centennial dentist can help you determine the level of care that’s appropriate for you.

In addition to your semi-annual teeth cleanings, you will also need periodic dental x-rays taken. Typically, we take new bitewing x-rays that show your teeth above the gum line about once per year, or at every other visit.

Dr. Mike will also perform a brief dental exam every time you come in for a visit. This exam's point is to check for dental “red flags” such as loose teeth, painful gums, and obvious gum disease. 

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning With Us

If it’s been more than six months since your last dental cleaning in Centennial, please give us a call to schedule a convenient appointment that works for your schedule. 

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