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Dr. Michael Franquemont

Is a root canal painful?

No, a root canal is not painful. Your dentist recommends the procedure because your tooth is abscessed or infected, usually accompanied by a severe toothache. A root canal in Centennial is the only procedure that will relieve the excruciating pain and save your tooth from extraction.woman outside smiling | root canal centennial co

Unfortunately, it’s the painful infection that most people remember afterward. They may forget that their pain was instantly eliminated with the first dose of local anesthetic, never to return!

A Comfortable Root Canal in Centennial

Dentistry’s come a long way, and we have even more ways to make your root canal a comfortable, stress-free event. The local anesthetics we use are more potent than ever to numb your mouth and ensure that you don’t feel any pain.

Dr. Mike has also invested in technology called rotary endodontics that speeds the process of removing the infection from inside your tooth. Many of our patients are amazed at how efficient and comfortable a root canal can be with this leading-edge technology!

If you still feel on edge about your procedure, we offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Its calming effects will put you at ease throughout your appointment but won’t produce drowsy feelings afterward to disrupt your busy day.

Schedule a Root Canal in Centennial, CO

An untreated root canal infection is not only painful and can cost you a tooth, but it can also be life-threatening. If you have tooth pain and think it might be an infection, call Michael J Franquemont DDS, and we will arrange to see you as soon as possible.

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