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Dr. Michael Franquemont and his dental team enjoy playing a part in helping children develop a healthy, positive attitude about dental care. The experience your child has with us during their first dental visit sets the stage for all future appointments, so our goal is to make it a fun and enjoyable, and completely stress-free adventure.

As the father of three, Dr. Mike is well aware that each child has a unique personality. He is a kind and caring kids' dentist who will meet your child at their level and never push the comfort of their boundaries.

Your Child's First Dental Visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children see their dentist when the first baby tooth arrives but no later than their first birthday. 

There's a progression in your child's dental development where baby teeth come in and hold a space for permanent teeth already forming in their jaw. Eventually, the baby teeth will loosen and come out on their own when the permanent teeth are ready to erupt.

However, if your little one loses a baby tooth to decay, support for adjacent teeth is lost, and neighboring teeth start to drift into the open space and close it. When the permanent tooth is ready to make its appearance, it no longer has a space reserved for it, so it can emerge at odd angles and cause crowding. 

The Benefits of Children's Dentistry

Dr. Mike is a gentle children's dentist who will approach your child patiently and at their pace. With his easygoing nature, kids warm up to him very quickly. As soon as they are receptive, he will look in your child's mouth to identify any areas of concern that might require our attention. 

Part of children's dentistry in Centennial includes educating parents about their child's oral health needs, and we are always more than happy to provide the support and information you need to help them maintain excellent oral health. 

You should start a brushing routine with your child as soon as the first baby tooth erupts. Establishing an oral hygiene routine for them will help the habit become ingrained so that it automatically becomes something that they do. We'll demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques and provide nutritional guidance so you can make food choices for them that support excellent oral health. 

Fluoride and Dental Sealants Protect Baby Teeth

Father brushing teeth with young daughter in Centennial, COFluoride and dental sealants are two effective preventive treatments that our Centennial children's dentist recommends to protect your child's smile.

Fluoride is essential to keep for strong, healthy teeth. If Dr. Mike finds that your child isn't already getting sufficient fluoride, he would explain how a supplemental fluoride application would benefit them.

Another effective preventive treatment is dental sealants that help us further protect your child's healthy teeth. Dr. Mike applies a thin coating of protective plastic to chewing surfaces of teeth with rough surfaces and deep grooves like molars and premolars.

The sealant provides a barrier between the tooth and bacteria and food particles that linger on teeth and cause cavities. We primarily use sealants on baby teeth, but older children and adults with healthy permanent teeth may also benefit. 

Schedule Your Child's Dental Checkup in Centennial, CO

Dr. Mike and his team of caring professionals have a special place in their hearts for our youngest patients, and we hope you'll consider making us your child's dental home.

Please call our Centennial dental office at (303) 795-0066 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting your child!